About Us



We are a company focused to host, with costumer service attitude for providing a relaxed and enjoyable enviroment to continue keepong your preference through the satisfaction of our service.


Being the leader hotel on our category and grow our services to become a hotel chain.


  • Service attitude: We are always at your service.
  • Honesty: We excel because we act with justice by promoting the truth.
  • Completeness: The whole hotel works for customer satisfaction.
  • Trustworthy: We create a kind and quiet environment.
  • Responsibility: We commit to our assigned work and always commit to the customer service.


Posada Diamante Hotel is located in Queretaro City, downtown, family atmosphere, affordable and clean, it’s a nice and quiet place. At a walking distance you arrive to the Art Museum, Agustinian Church, also to the Santa Rosa de Viterbo’s Temple. You will be near by one of the main avenues of the city: Zaragoza. On this avenue you’ll find the majestic aqueduct (Arcos). There are many restaurants and pubs, and let’s not forget the Alameda Hidalgo, where you can calmly walk or buy a different number of souveniers.


Hotel Posada Diamante opened its doors to the public on may 15th, 2004. The idea for its creation emerged because the building had the infrastructure for appartments, and because of its locatin and the tourism demand on Queretaro City, the decision was made, to transform it into the service biulding that it is now.

It was because of the graphic design and publicity services, that with the owners, took into account the physical structure of the arc at the entrance, and shaped it and name it into the current name: “Hotel Posada Diamante La joya de Querétaro®”

Simple and warm, Hotel Posada Diamante began receiving its first customers, gaining position into the tourism’s preference at the year that followed. This is not only by chance, but we are always aware at our guests’ needs

“Because we know that everything starts as a dream, in Hotel Posada Diamante we work for your rest.”